5 Online Reads to Check Out This Week 11/15/15

Three Tactics From Getting Things Done That Transformed My Productivity by Todd Henry

The two minute rule is a great rule for checking off smaller tasks from your to do list.

8 Characteristics of an Innovator’s Mindset from¬†Ideaphora

An interesting look at how an innovator thinks.

Focus on Actionable Subject Lines to Send More Productive Emails from LifeHacker

I’ve been doing a lot of research recently on communication and best practices for clearly communicating. This article offers a simple tip that we can all do to ensure that emails are being read and processed.

Subtract to innovate by Jorge Barba

You need to remove old ideas in order to make room for new ideas.  Such a simple concept that we often forget.


My next read is going to be Work Rules by Laszlo Block. This site is a supplement to the book.

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