A Simple Way to Declutter Your Email

I know….I know….another blog post about a quick fix to your email overload.

This one works though and is pretty simple to pull off.

For the next 30 days, I want you to pay attention to the mass marketing emails that you get.

These can be the newsletters you signed up for 4 years ago, the daily deals email from a website, or any other message that is not directly meant for you.

Over the next 30 days when you get one of these emails ask yourself the question below.

Do I really care about this?

If the answer is yes then do nothing and keep getting the emails.

If the answer is no I want you to click the unsubscribe button.

Chances are as you go through this experiment you are going to realize how much extra junk mail you get sent that just takes up space in your email inbox.

You are also going to start chipping away at the number of daily emails that you get.

Ultimately the goal is to have your inbox only be filled with things that matter to you.

By only having your inbox be things that matter to you, your relationship with your email will get much better.

It will no longer feel like a chore or feel overwhelming.

Want more ideas on how to tame your email?
Check out the presentation I gave called The Inbox Escape Plan.

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