Creating Interactive Images

They say a picture is worth 1000 words. Using today’s website a picture can be a 1000 words, a link to a website, or even a video. is an online tool that allows users to create interactive images like this. Thinglink works by having students choosing an image from the web. From there they can create tags that contain links, text, or video from the web. When they share the image the viewer see’s their original image and the tags. When a viewer clicks on the tag the image opens up a small pop up that contains more information. This is a great tool for using one image to tell a story, breaking down the parts of an object or idea, or for allowing students to explain their thinking. My only concern about Thinglink is that the site is not solely used for education so please make sure you actively monitor students if you plan on using it. With that being said, Thinglink is still a great tool for students and for teachers. If you are looking for ways to change up your presentations I highly recommend checking out Thinglink.

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