Event Merge for Google Calendar

If you are part of more than one Google Calendar you know the annoyance of having duplicate calendar invites. These unnecessary invites crowd your calendar and can make it difficult to read. Today I wanted to share a must-have Google Chrome extension that can help solve this problem.

When you install Event Merge for Google Calendar the extension identifies events that you are invited to that are on duplicate calendars and combines them into one. For example, I have a personal Google Calendar and one that my team uses at work. When an event is created on my team calendar and I am listed as an attendee Event Merge takes both events and combines them to one with a striped pattern. The striped pattern is color-coded to show you what calendars the event is on. This can be done to events scheduled at a specific time and All Day events.

It may seem minor but if you have multiple calendars this extension is a must-have because it drastically cleans up your calendar which makes it easier to read and use.

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