When Google announced last year that it was shutting down it’s RSS feed aggregator Google Reader I was devastated. If you are anything like me you probably follow several blogs and don’t wan’t to always be checking each site individually to see if they have updated their content. That’s why I loved Google Reader so much. I only had to check on site to see updates from all of my favorite blogs and websites.

Initially when Google announced this shut down several Google Reader alternatives popped. After playing around with a few I finally settled on using Feedly. Why Feedly? The main reason I choose Feedly was that at the time they were one of the only alternatives that had an iOS app. I do most of my blog reading on my phone so this was a must for me. The other reason why I choose to go with Feedly was that at the time importing data from Google only took one click. No need to download and re-upload anything. It took me a few minutes to get used to the interface but after playing with Feedly I found the Title Only feature helps emulate the old Google Reader UI.

I know that Feedly isn’t perfect just yet, but if you are looking for a good Google Reader alternative or are looking for a way to organize all of the blogs that you follow, I suggest checking it out.


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