Gmail Shortcuts

As teachers it always seems that we are super busy. Grading, lesson planning, and looking data take up a majority of our time. So wouldn’t it be nice to save a few precious moments when composing an email? If you are a Gmail user then you are in luck. Gmail has included several shortcuts that users can use to speed up the email composing process. Two of my favorite Gmail shortcuts are  Command key icon/Control plus the K key and  Command key icon/Control plus Return/Enter.

To quickly insert a link users can press Command key icon/Control plus the K key. To use this shortcut you first need to highlight the words that will turn into the link (Bonus points if you use the shift and arrow keys to highlight the words!). From there press Command key icon/Control plus the K key. This will open up the same prompt that you would get if you clicked link button. If you have already highlighted a URL, using this shortcut will automatically turn your url into a link!

If you are looking for a way to quickly send your email, try pressing Command key icon/Control plus Return/Enter after you have composed your email instead of clicking on the send button. While it may not seem like a lot of work to move your cursor over to the send button, this quick shortcut can be a time saver! These two are just a few of the shortcuts that Gmail offers users. If you would like to learn more about Gmail shortcuts makes sure to check out this full list of Gmail Shortcuts.

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