There’s An App For That…..

A long time ago back in 2008 Apple launched it’s App Store. Since 2008 the App Store has grown to include over 1 million apps.  With that many apps needles to say finding the perfect app can be difficult. is an app search engine that helps users find iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry Apps. Quixey also keeps a list of trending apps that can be used to see what’s new and exciting. If you are looking for an app or are just curious about what is out there check out

Some iOS apps to check out:

  • ThingLink – Creates interactive images
  • Class Dojo – Mobile version of their website.
  • YouTube Capture – Record, edit, and upload to YouTube all in one app.
  • Field Trip – A great app for anyone who likes to travel and visit new places.



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