Two Twister Science Lessons

Twister is an online tool that allows students to create fake tweets. If you are not familiar with Twister check out this blog post. Today I wanted to share two lessons where I used Twister with my 6th and 7th grade science class.

Renewable Energy Tweets


To help my students learn about renewable energy sources I had them create fake tweets from renewable energy sources. In their tweet they had to explain how the source creates energy and include an energy related hash tag (i.e. #energyrules #soypower, #pleasenoclouds, etc). My students last year really enjoyed this project and had a fun time creating the hashtags. For more on this lesson check out my original blog post on .

Famous Cytologists on Twitter

Remembering why a scientist is famous can be a daunting task. To help my students remember why a cytologist was famous I had them create fake tweets in which they explained the contributions the cytologist made to cytology. For more on this lesson check out my original blog post on .

If you think that your students would enjoy these lessons feel free to use them! My only request is that you share the awesome work your students create!


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