What to Do When People Leave

I’ve recently been thinking a lot about employee turnover. I  lost two of my teachers over the summer who I built both a professional and personal relationship with. While on a professional level it kills me to see them go, on a personal level I’m excited for both of them to move on and start their new adventures.

As educators we all hope that one day our students will move on from our school and start the next chapter of their lives. We know that they will take the knowledge and skills that we have taught them to do great things and have a positive impact on the world.

What if we applied this thinking to your employees? No one stays in one job forever. People will leave at some point. They may get a better job offer, they may want to try something new, or they may have to make sacrifices for their families.

What if instead of being mad or disappointed when people leave we celebrate them moving on to the next chapter of their life? What if we take pride in knowing that the knowledge and skills we taught out employees will now be taken to a new school site where our employee can flourish and influence a whole new group of people? What if people left a job feeling that we really care about them as individuals and want the best for them?

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