The other day while perusing Twitter I came across the following tweet from Travis Phelps (@TravisPhelps80)

“Hey all you edubloggers out there!!! Check this out!!! goo.gl/M0WDnp

Naturally I clicked on the link. It turns out that Jo-Ann Fox (@AppEducationFox) started a year long challenged called #YourEduStory. The idea behind #YourEduStory is to reflect and share our work with others. The line that really caught my attention was

 “After all, if we don’t tell our stories, somebody else will.”

As I continued reading the challenge seemed pretty straight forward. To participate educators would need to write one blog post a week on a wide variety of topics. From there educators are encouraged to connect and comment on others’ blog posts. You also have the opportunity to add blogging topics. Since I wanted to blog more and connect with others I signed up.

What I really like about this challenge is that it’s going to give me a topic to write about. Too often I find myself wanting to blog but not really sure what to write about. Having a set topic is going to really get my mind working. I also really like the community aspect of the challenge. Knowing that people will be reading my blogs will help motivate me to work. It will also be nice getting to see the different perspectives that people have on education.

For the next 52 weeks I hope to have at least 1 post per week. I’m sure I’ll miss a few here and there but this challenge is going to help keep me motivated and focused. I look forward to sharing my thoughts on education with everyone. For more on #YourEduStory click here. I encourage you to sign up and join us on this year long journey.


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