5 Online Reads to Check Out This Week 12/6/15

Creating a New Habit Comes Down to Four Factors by Kristin Wong

As I read this I couldn’t help but think about the first few weeks of school and how important it is to build good habits in your students. The key is to start small. Don’t expect the students to pick up on everything you do on day one. Start small and work to your ultimate goal.

Four Fatal Mistakes Creative Leaders Make by Todd Henry

I know I have found myself falling into these traps from time to time. The only way to avoid the traps is to be aware of them.

“Busy” people are actually not that productive by Travis Bradberry

I can relate to the dilemma people are having. If you are not busy then you are not being productive right? Turns out that’s wrong. We need to embrace the white space in our lives…not eliminate it.

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