Google Slides Updates!

Google this week announced a few awesome updates to the Slides App. Slides can now be created in widescreen and you can have customized themes! So why should you be excited about these updates?

Standard Slide

Standard Slide

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 1.46.19 PM

Widescreen Slide

Widescreen presentations mean bigger presentations! This gives you more room to work with when designing your slides. When presenting your slides they will now take up more space on your monitor and have less of the annoying black bars on the side of your screen. Widescreen is the new default setting for Google Slides but you can switch back to the old aspect ratio if you want. To update your older Slides presentations to widescreen open your project, click on file, and then page set up. From there you will have the option to change the aspect ratio from full screen to widescreen. After changing the aspect ratio I would suggest viewing your presentation and checking for any formatting issues.

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So why customize a theme? Well let’s face it some of the built in Google Themes are boring after a while. Creating a custom theme is a great way to set your presentation apart from the rest. By creating a master slide and layout you ultimately save yourself time and extra work! Click here for more information on creating a custom layout and theme.

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