The Importance of Recognition

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Being recognized for your hard work is an awesome feeling. In honor of Digital Learning Day Youth Policy Institute’s Educational Technology Department sent out a newsletter that featured yours truly. While it was only a little blurb plugging my class blog and my Tech Tip Friday videos, it was still pretty amazing to have someone acknowledge my work.

As teachers it is very easy to get caught up in your day to day routine and not take a moment to recognize others. Just like we constantly recognize students for their hard work and accomplishments, I think we should also recognize teachers. Many of us go above and beyond the call of duty and sometimes feel burnt out. A simple “Hey I loved that….” or “Man the presentation you gave was….” will go a long way to ensuring that everyone works hard.

One of my goals for the next month or so is to makes sure that I compliment a teacher at least once that day. Now I’m not talking generic compliments that we all say to be nice like ¬†“Ohh I liked your lesson.” My goal is to give specific feedback. I want a teacher to know that I really mean what I am saying. For example I started today by complimenting¬†a teacher via text for figuring out a way for ¬†students to bypass needing to go to Youtube to watch a video for class. The teacher’s response “:) Thanks!”. Sending a quick positive text won’t take you very long but it can make a difference in a teacher’s morale.


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