Three Google Meet Extensions to Support With Distance Learning

Today I wanted to share three Google Meet extensions that I pushed out to my school community. All three of these extensions have helped with making our teacher and student Meet experience better. I have also included the support videos that I sent my staff that explains each extension and shows it in action.

Google Meet Grid View

I pushed this extension out to all of my staff members. Google Meet Grid View works by adding a button to your Meet calls that allows you to quickly create a grid view of all of your participants. This will make it easier to see everyone on the meet call at the same time. I tried this on a call with about 30 people and it worked really well! (Link to extension)


I pushed this extension out to both students and staff. Nod adds the ability for students to react (similar to Slack reactions) and raise their hands during a Meet call. Since two of my schools do not have Chromebooks the only downfall with this extension is that students will only get the extension if they are signed in to Google Chrome using their school account. If a student needs to manually install the extension you can share this link with them.

Meet Attendance

Meet Attendance allows you to click a button and create a spreadsheet that has the names of the people on the Meet call. Please see the video for more on how to use this extension. The portion about Meet Attendance starts at 2:10.

If you have any questions or need any help getting these set up for your school please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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