Using a timer in class is a great way motivate students to stay on task. Today I wanted to share two online options that I have used in the past to help students (and teachers during PD 😉 )stay on task.

Many of us use the timers on our phone, small stopwatches, or even the clock on our computer to manage time. The problem is unless we tell the students how much time they have left they never really know. To help students gain a better grasp for time you can project a timer for the students. Doing this helps students become aware of how to best manage their time during class.

One quick tip that I have for using timers is to assign random times. For example instead of telling students they have 10 minutes to finish something I will tell them that they have 9 minutes. Even though it’s only a one minute difference that lack of a minute creates a sense of urgency that can help students stay on task.

Option #1

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 12.28.31 PM

E.ggtimer.com is a website where a user can input the amount of time they need for a timer and in seconds have a full screen countdown projected on their board. It’s simple to use and even has some special timers you can use to have fun with.

Option #2


If you would like to include a timer into your PowerPoint or Google Presentation there are several different timers available on Youtube. To find a timer I search for the amount of time I want and the words timer or countdown. So for a five minute timer I would search for “5 minute timer” or “5 minute countdown”. I suggest scrubbing through the video first to make sure that there are no surprises before including it in your presentation.

If you need any help with setting up a timer please let me know. Also if you find any other amazing timers or have any suggestions for using a timer in the classroom please be sure to share with the group!

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