What I’m Grateful For In Education

The internet can be very negative. The only thing that can be more negative than the internet at times is the staff lounge. Instead of complaining today I wanted instead share a list of things that I am grateful for in education.

  • The ah ha moment when a student has a break through. This is the reason I became a teacher.
  • The opportunity to be creative and push myself constantly. Something that my friends in the corporate world have a hard time understanding.
  • Awesome colleagues who are always willing to try whatever it takes to enhance learning. Even if it means failing and laughing at ourselves after.
  • Google Apps For Education. GAFE has completely changed how I approach my classroom.
  • Students. Yes even the “fun” ones. Without them I wouldn’t have the opportunity to teach.

Now you know what I’m grateful for, what are you grateful for in education?


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