Where Does He Get Those Wonderful Toys?

Where Does He Get Those Wonderful Toys? – The Joker

As the tech coordinator for my school one of the questions I get whenever I share a new tool with someone is “How did you hear about this?”. Today I wanted to share my top three resources for finding new tools.


Richard Byrne has had a huge influence on my students even though I have never meet him. Richard runs an amazing blog were at least three to four times a day he shares different¬†FREE¬†tech tools. What I really like about Richard’s site is that after explaining the tool he always gives a few suggestions about how to use the tool in education.


I’m not very active on Twitter but I do lurk. I have learned about a lot of my favorite classroom tools from others tweeting out blog posts or sharing their love of certain tools. I also included Instagram because recently I have been learning out about different photo editing apps through Instagram.


It still shocks me that in 2014 more people don’t use Google to find tech tools. Chances are if you can think of it someone else has already made it. Looking for a tool that allows you to mass text students? Google “tools to mass text students” and check out the results. It’s that simple!

So those are my top three ways I find out about new tools and ideas. Feel free to share yours in the comments below.


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