Why You Should Use WordPress For Your Website

There are numerous blogging and website creation tools out there. Tumblr, Blogger, HTML, Weebly, and Google sites are all great formats and offer something for everyone. My favorite website creation and management tool is WordPress. With so many great tools out there why should you use WordPress?

No coding needed!

In the past creating a website required the designer to type lines and lines of HTML code to get a site that was just “ok”. WordPress does away with coding by including a dashboard that acts as the hub of your website, a visual editor that works just like a word processor, and by using themes to create your actual website. Without ever touching one line of code a user can create a visually pleasing website in a few minutes.

Constantly updated content!

Web sites of the past were static and not updated that often. Today websites are updated constantly. With a WordPress site updating content is as easy as clicking a button. Once you click publish, update, or save your changes are immediately visible to anyone who checks your site.

You can learn the basics in five minutes!

In just five minutes you can learn how to create a post on your class blog. Seriously that’s it! No fancy extra classes or hours and hours of research needed. Give WordPress five minutes and you can have a class website!

You can use WordPress to automate your week.

My favorite part of using a WordPress blog is that I can schedule when a post goes live. So in theory I can type up all of my blog posts on Sunday when I am lesson planning, schedule them to publish at a certain date and time, have my students view them after they are published, and then not touch my blog again until the next Sunday. This is a huge time saver!

So there you go four reasons why I love WordPress. If you are a WordPress user what are some of your favorite features? Feel free to post them in the comments below. I’d love to hear what every has to say!

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