Today I wanted to share the first Google Sheet formula I learned when I first started out as an administrator. During my first summer as an administrator, I was tasked with creating student emails. After getting over the initial horror of having to use a spreadsheet, I opened up the template file and looked at the column headers. Most of the information I needed could be retrieved with a simple export from our SIS. The column that presented a challenge was the email address column.

At my organization, we use an email naming convention that combines the student’s initials and student id number. Like I said that information was simple to get. What wasn’t so simple was combining it all into the proper naming convention. That is when my coworker introduced me to the concatenate formula. This one simple formula speed up a task that would have probably taken me several hours and allowed me to finish it in about 10 mins.

In the video below I’ll show you how to use the concatenate formula. This is the formula you want to use any time you need to combine the data in two cells.

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