LAUSD Special Education Summit 2014 – Using Mobile Photography to Enhance Learning

Below are my slides from today’s session. For more on mobile photography check out my mobile photography page or my blog post on different mobile photography apps I use.

Objectives & Brief Description:

Instagram, Snapchat, Selfies…Our student’s love to take pictures. In this hands on session we will learn how to incorporate mobile photography into the classroom. Mobile photography is a great way to support and encourage student self-expression, teach visual storytelling, and meet the requirements of the CCSS. Participants will be given time to explore, experiment, and share their thoughts on using mobile photography in their classroom. While this session will be focused on using mobile photography with special education students, the information will also apply to general education students. By the end of this session you will leave with the skills, tools, and lesson plan ideas that you can use to start incorporating mobile photography into your classroom.

Google Slide Presentation:

Session Handout:

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